For immediate release:
October 15, 2018

Longmont –Veterinarian and small business owner Karen McCormick has raised $369,509 to oust incumbent Congressman Ken Buck, outraising him by $238,660 in the third quarter. McCormick, who’s running for office for the first time ever, has raised more than any Democrat running in Colorado’s fourth Congressional district since Brandon Shaffer.

Meanwhile, during last week’s knock-out debate, Buck claimed not to know who’s funding his campaign, prompting McCormick to launch an ad blitz slamming Buck for making votes on behalf of corporate interests.

“I don’t know who donates to me,” Buck claimed in response to the first question, about campaign finances.

“I don’t understand that at all,” McCormick says. “I know where every single dollar has come from in my campaign from the very beginning. We are not taking any corporate PAC money. This is all truly grassroots, and I will always know where the money comes from.”

Less than three percent of Buck’s 2018 campaign contributions are donations under $200 from individuals.

McCormick says accepting corporate handouts is a big part of what’s wrong with government these days. “That’s the problem,” she says. “They’re too empowered to big money, big corporations, and the fact that corporations are now considered people is absurd.”

McCormick says she’s excited to bring common sense back to government. “Our district needs a problem-solver, not a politician,” she says. “Coloradans have urged me to fight Washington corruption, secure affordable healthcare, create a fairer economy and bring good jobs to our state, improve our school system, strengthen our trade deals, and protect our Colorado way of life. I’ll work hard to do all of that and more.”

Dr. Karen McCormick is a veterinarian, small business owner, and a resident of Longmont, Colorado of over 20 years. Karen will work across the aisle to fight special interests and will be a strong voice for rural Coloradans and their families in Congress.