October 7, 2017

LONGMONT, CO — Democratic candidate for Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District Karen McCormick issued the following statement in response to the newest White House attacks on LGBTQ rights and reproductive rights in the same day:

“The White House Administration’s decision to double-down their attacks on women and LGBTQ Americans is nothing but a frustrating reminder of this administration working overtime to roll back our nation’s civil rights protections while simultaneously ignoring pressing matters related to our our economy and national security.

“Equal protection under the law is enshrined in our Constitution and is one of the grounding tenets of our legal system, and as a member of the United States Congress I will fight hard for our Constitution and to protect the individual rights of each and every American.

“In Colorado, we believe in country where everybody has a fair shot at success and the freedom to live the life they want, but Ken Buck and other career politicians are so focused on their own agenda that they’ve forgotten about our shared community values. As the Representative for Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District, I’ll fight hard for our shared values and make sure that all Coloradans have the chance to work hard and get ahead — regardless to their background or identity.”