June 20, 2018

Longmont – As Ken Buck continues to advocate for the Trump Administration’s cruel and unnecessary policy of separating parents from their children, Karen McCormick DVM continues to speak out against it. Buck has actually blamed the family separation on the parents, many of whom are fleeing violence in their own countries and seeking asylum in the US.

“As a Mom of three, I can’t imagine trying to build a better life for my children only to have them taken away from me,” said McCormick. “This is a choice by the Trump Administration to punish these kids and their parents for trying to do the right thing, and it is immoral. These are children. These are babies missing their mothers because the Trump Administration is using them for politics. We are better than this.

“Faith leaders have spoken out against it, community leaders have spoken out against it, Moms have spoken out against it, and I am too. The family separation policy by the Trump Administration is wrong. It needs to stop.

“And if Ken Buck won’t act to stop it, if elected to Congress, I will join colleagues on both sides of the aisle to do so.  We must have immigration reform in this country that is compassionate and practical, not cruel and inhumane.”