September 15, 2017

LONGMONT, CO – Dr. Karen McCormick weighed in on Congressman Ken Buck’s decision to run for re-election in a statement to her supporters. This week’s announcement from Congressman Buck stating that he is not likely  to run for for Attorney General of Colorado is just another example of Congressman Buck focusing on his career ambitions instead of the people that he is supposed to be representing in Washington D.C.

From counties that don’t have full access to clean drinking water to communities on the plains whose schools and businesses lag behind without proper internet access, the constituents in Colorado’s Fourth Congressional face unique challenges and need someone fighting hard for them in Washington, but Congressman Buck has proven time and time again that he’s not up for the job. Coloradans deserve better than career politicians like Congressman Buck, and need someone who can bring common sense solutions to Washington.

As a local veterinarian and small business owner, Dr. Karen McCormick has worked her entire career solving problems and strengthening our communities. She is determined to continue to focus on helping our rural areas and cities alike. She is passionate about tackling the issues that affect our district’s residents from affordable healthcare to public education, energy development to protecting natural resources, immigration policy to tax reform, and more.

“In Congress, I’ll work across the aisle to bring Republicans and Democrats together to take on the issues our communities face in a collaborative way. Coloradans deserve a leader who cares about the issues more than they care about their career, and as the Representative of Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District, I will make sure that everybody in our district knows they have a seat at the table when we’re making decisions” said McCormick.