October 7, 2018
For Immediate Release:

Longmont—Congressman Ken Buck claims he doesn’t know who he’s been accepting campaign cash from during a searing debate with challenger Dr. Karen McCormick, even though such contributions are public record.

“I don’t know who donates to me,” he said in response to a question about campaign finances.

“I don’t understand that at all,” McCormick shot back. “I know where every single dollar has come from in my campaign from the very beginning. We are not taking any corporate PAC money. This is all truly grassroots, and I will always know where the money comes from.”

Veterinarian and small business owner McCormick is challenging Buck in Colorado’s fourth Congressional district, which includes the cities of Longmont, Greeley, and Castle Rock as well as most of the eastern plains.

McCormick, who has outraised Buck without accepting contributions from corporate PACs, says accepting these corporate handouts is a big part of what’s wrong with government these days.

“That’s the problem,” she says. “They’re too empowered to big money, big corporations, and the fact that corporations are now considered people is absurd.”

Fewer than three percent of Buck’s 2018 campaign contributions are small individual donations under $200, according to accountability tracker OpenSecrets.org.

Buck’s 2018 contributions include $10,000 from Koch Industries and $5,000 from the American Bankers Association. Buck has also collected a career total of over $800,000 from the NRA, the second-highest total for any sitting House member.