I am running for office because I’m concerned about the state of affairs at the national level and how decisions in DC affect Coloradans and the country.

Among My Concerns Are:

I am in a scientific field. I collect as much information as I can about an issue and then carefully consider all outcomes. With this approach, I can make well-informed choices and guide policy decisions that would best benefit our citizens.

My moral compass is partly guided by a principle in medicine – Above all do no harm. Reason and compassion go into my decision making.

I welcome support from all Americans. I pledge to work together with all parties to achieve goals for the good of the country.

Health Care

Affordable, accessible, and usable healthcare is a key component to a thriving economy, a top rate educational system, and a capable military.  Other industrialized nations have shown it is possible to have high quality, affordable and fair systems. What they can do, we should be able to do at least as well. We must continue to refine our system until it is working fairly and is sustainable.  But the real goal is not access to health care, but good health.  Such an approach requires an enhanced emphasis on promoting proper nutrition and preventive services. I would work hard to ensure Coloradans are not burdened by health care costs for their employees or for themselves. We need to simplify the system and continue moving forward together to solve the issues surrounding health care. Having millions without health care is expensive and inefficient for every single American. We can put our heads together to save lives and taxpayer’s hard earned money.

Energy, Environment, and Economy

Over time coal-fired steam engines replaced horses, oil supplanted coal, natural gas edging out oil; each a more efficient and mostly cleaner source of energy than the last. The trend continues today. We are in an exciting time of transition as there are multiple sources of energy at our disposal. The age of dependence on fossil fuels is passing. Yes, we still use these energy sources and should continue to work to make sure oil, gas and coal retrieval is done intelligently and safely. As alternative, renewal energy sources continue to become more and more cost effective we are seeing a growing economy with jobs and income for those involved. Our eastern plains can look to these technologies to harvest the great resources of solar and wind in the 4th district. Colorado can be a leader for the rest of the country in how development of these energy sources can stimulate the economy, create jobs and leave a great legacy and healthier environment for generations of Coloradans to follow. Clean air and water are non-partisan, and the transition to cleaner sources of energy will have benefits well beyond just the electricity generated.


We need to insure that all Coloradans and all Americans get the education needed to fulfill each individual’s potential and have a shared understanding of the American experience.  It is in all of our interests to have the best schools and most highly educated students.  If we put our effort toward supporting great schools, no matter the location, and put more value on the teaching profession itself, then we can foster an educated populace. Public schools have been and should continue to be the bedrock of our Republic. Having a healthy and educated population is the best defense we can have. Education is the best anti-poverty program ever.  The more value we place in education the more jobs will be created, as an educated citizenry leads to jobs through innovation.

Individual Rights

By right and tradition, our Constitution considers each of us an autonomous individual, not as a member of some labeled group. People are discriminated against often due to the group they identify with, or are placed into. We are all individuals, and should be treated and held responsible as such. Thus the rights and responsibilities we enjoy should be the same for each of us.     All citizens should be treated equally under the law.

Our Military

Our military needs our gratitude and so much more. We need to realize they are our face to much of the world. We need to ensure they are properly utilized, equipped, and cared for. For far too long Congress had abdicated its proper Constitutional role in deciding when and where to engage in military force, allowing a President to deploy forces almost at will. We need to restore stronger Congressional oversight and own the responsibility of sending our men and women into harm’s way. When we go to battle, the entire Country should — not just a select few most of us never see.

International Relations

Recently our relations have been frayed with those nations who share our democratic and free market values. We need to restore and strengthen these ties, in our own best interests. We gain influence and power when we actually act in a manner that reflects the principles we embrace, whether it be in the fields of trade, human rights, or use of force. We are unique among nations in that we put principle ahead of simple short term self-interest, and have greatly benefited in the past from this uniqueness. This principled position is truly what makes America First among nations.


Our infrastructure is on life support. Our shared roads, bridges, water and power systems need to be upgraded to 21st Century standards, as a public good. Colorado’s broadband access should be of a high quality in every county in our state. These efforts will create and keep thousands of high paying jobs throughout our state and the economic efficiencies provided by modern infrastructure will benefit everyone.

Government Reform

Democracies only work when all voices and votes count equally.  We need to press for accurate and complete voter rolls, and work for districting reform.


Tax reform is universally recognized as a necessity. We need to ensure the burden is distributed fairly and more importantly that we get and recognize the value of government services rendered.