LONGMONT, CO Democratic candidate for Colorado’s Fourth Congressional District Dr. Karen McCormick released the following statement after Senate Republicans forced through their tax scam bill in the dead of night:

“While the people they were elected to represent were sleeping, the GOP sealed their betrayal of the American middle class with Senate Republicans passing their tax scam bill at 1:51 a.m. last night.

“Like thieves in the night, Republicans voted in support of a carelessly written bill that will cause health insurance premiums to skyrocket and more good-paying jobs to be sent overseas, all to support tax breaks for giant corporations and the billionaire class.

“Senate and House Republicans like Rep. Ken Buck will go to conference on their tax scam bill next week, but the only responsible choice is for them to abandon this ruthless attack on their own constituents and start anew. Colorado families should have a fair shot at success and the chance to get ahead, but these tax hikes will hit a devastating blow on hard-working Coloradans who are already struggling to send their kids to school and save for retirement. Coloradans will continue to fight to make their voices heard, but Rep. Buck needs to decide whether or not he plans to listen.”