Longmont veterinarian Karen McCormick on Tuesday night declared victory over her opponent Chase Kohne in the Democratic primary for the 4th Congressional District.

The Colorado Secretary of State had McCormick with about 65 percent of roughly 54,000 votes that had been tallied as of about 3 a.m. Wednesday.

Kohne, also a veterinarian, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

The historically conservative 4th Congressional District is currently represented by Republican Ken Buck, who is running unopposed in the Republican primary. McCormick said that the district has not been properly represented for the past four years.

“It’s my belief that if you were voted in as a representative to the United States Congress that you are there to represent your district, not your party, but the district and the people of that district,” McCormick said. “That is what I plan to do.”

She said that her biggest issue of concern moving forward is the future of health care coverage.

“There is so much concern about instability, the potential for instability in our district,” she said. “The small, rural health care clinics that have benefitted from the policies of the last eight or five years could lose some of that stability.”

She added that she wants to see Medicare become available as a public option because it is popular already, and she wants health care to be provided in a fiscally responsible way.

“It’s an issue that affects everyone in the country and in this state,” she said.

The 4th Congressional District includes the Longmont corner of northeast Boulder County, all of Weld County and most of the eastern plains of Colorado.