Karen McCormick – Perfect Sense For Colorado

I’ve been a resident of Longmont for over 22 years and married to a native Coloradan, Gregg. During my 33 year career as a veterinarian, I owned and managed a veterinary hospital in Boulder employing 24 people and growing the business to grossing over $2 million a year. My husband has an auto repair shop in Longmont and works as a broker for business owners to sell their businesses. As business owners ourselves, we understand and have experienced the challenges and rewards it entails. I started my veterinary career at the University of Florida, working in Florida and Virginia before settling in Colorado. It’s here we raised three daughters, Kendall, Camryn and Erin, all young adults now.

I grew up in a Navy family. My father was a fighter pilot whose career included being the Captain of the USS America and retiring as a Rear Admiral after proudly giving 30 years of service to our country. Relocating every year or two as a child gave me an invaluable education through the experience of seeing and being able to appreciate so much of our great country. Such a fortunate upbringing instilled in me a deep understanding of what it means to be an American.

There were three of us kids in these travels, an older and younger brother. My older brother Glenn was also a Navy fighter pilot and later flew for American Airlines. My younger brother Chris is an entrepreneur who started and successfully sold an aerospace company based in Golden. He continues to work in the satellite field. My mother is an active and energetic citizen of Longmont.

Community • Compassion • Intelligence

Involvement in volunteer work has been an important part of service to the community for me. I have been a board member for 9 years in Project V.E.T.S, a non-profit dedicated to saving the planet one animal at a time. I volunteered and was a board member for Vidas, a non-profit that holds large scale spay and neuter clinics and educational outreach in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. I am currently a volunteer English language teacher for a non-profit located in Boulder County, Intercambio – Uniting Communities. I also am a communications coach in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University helping to train the next generation of Colorado veterinarians.

The passion I have for our state and our country is driving me to speak up, to stand up and run for office.

I look forward to continuing my life of service by earning the chance to be the people’s representative in Congress for Colorado’s 4th District.